Monday, November 5, 2012

I didn't think it could go lower, and then it did.

I mean the bar for what's an acceptable pro-abortion-pro-Obama ad, of course.  I actually lost sleep (a little bit, I'm a really good sleeper) over the voting-for-Obama-is-like-losing-my-virginity ad, which caused me to feel both queasy and sad for the state of the sex lives of American women all at the same time.

But this?  This is wrong in a whole new way of wrong.  This is scraping the bottom of a pretty deep cesspool.  This is why, to steal from both Taylor Swift and creepy Obama ad #1, the Democratic party and I, well, we're nevah, evah, evah getting back together:

Thank you to Leila at Little Catholic Bubble for sharing the horror.

1 comment:

  1. ewww should be ashamed of yourself! using young innocent girls to promote the freedom of killing innocent girls??? how insane is that? and hipocritical!